Who We Are

Live Love Syria is an independent and a crowd-sourced campaign that strives to spread the beauty of Syria, and empower the Syrian youth to be active social entrepreneurs.

We started by launching an Instagram page and by posting the most unique and high definition pictures.

We come from different backgrounds but are united by the same unconditional love for Syria.

We aim to fund various independent projects that benefit the community, whilst acquainting the public with Syria’s many beauties.

Our goal is also to empower local Syrian initiatives by providing a platform which encourages youth innovation by turning ideas into projects.

Live Love Syria is a way to live Syria, to love Syria, but also, to find the necessary attributes to help the utmost number of young people.

We are continuously working on restoring hope in Syria and empowering the youth to become social entrepreneurs.

We also want to encourage the people to know more about its History, Culture and Heritage.

Each of us have a different role within Live Love Syria. In fact, we are divided into separate teams.
  • Admin team
  • Media & communications team
  • Projets team
  • RAKs team (Random Acts of Kindness)
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    Our social media platform allows users from different parts of the world to discover the beauty of Syria.

    With over 100,000 followers we can proudly say that this rapid growing community reflects Live Love Syria’s dedication to provide a positive image of the country and restore hope in our youth.

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